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Pam holds a BFA and MFA In fine arts. Pam supported her creative arts by teaching aerobics and personal training. Following a spinal injury she was introduced to Pilates which helped in her recovery. Soon after, she completed the certification in Classical Pilates. Boston Pilates, Pam’s first studio opened in 2000.
Pam was certified in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis in 2002. She brought Gyrotonic to the Jupiter area over 18 years ago. She is a certified pre-trainer and is certified in all specialized equipment. She has helped clients expand their movement and flexibility through both modalities. She has helped many golfers improve their swings and clients improve their quality of movement!

Maureen Holdreith


Gyrotonic is a combination of many things Maureen is passionate about, movement, connection, breathe, flexibilty, fluidity, increasing range of motion and strength training for all ages! Maureen’s personal philosophy: it is never too late to begin moving, at any age, movement is available and healing. Certified in Gyrotonic 2008, additional certification in Specialized equipment, Master of Sport(Rhythmic Gymnastics), Dance and Movement background, Licensed Massage Therapist 20 years.

Jill Hallihan


Jill is originally from Chicago, IL. In 2000 she began Classical Pilates training as conceived by the founder Joseph Pilates and received her certification in 2001. After a back injury Jill was introduced to Gyrotonic which improved both her physical and mental health exponentially. This life changing event and her love for the Gyrotonic method lead Jill to become certified in both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis in 2014. Since then she has become certified in specialized equipment and taken many specialized courses. Jill is dedicated to using these amazing modalities to help others achieve optimal health and well being.

Jaya Jacobs


I love to move! A lifelong dancer and yoga therapist since 1991, I became debilitated with Lyme at 45. Twenty years later it was Gyrotonic & Gyrokenisis that restores my freedom to move and teach again. I’m better than ever!!! It’s easy, progressive and is a real game changer in the aging gracefully process. Requirement: Your desire feel good…Beginners welcome.

Veronika Koushal

From Minsk Belarus. Folk dance background. NASM certified personal trainer, Power yoga and Pilates mat certified instructor. Teaching and practicing Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic for 8 years. Certified in all Specialized equipment. Veronika has a personal passion for Gyrokinesis and believes that this particular form of exercise is able to change every and any body/mind for the better, no exceptions.

Lisa Paymer

Instructed by classical instructors, Simona Cipriani, Mejo Wiggin, Caroline Benton and Sari Mejia-Santo, I have taught Classical Pilates since 2015. Specializing in spinal flexibility, restorative and strengthening Pilates. Bringing years of training and many hundreds of hours of practice and training to this job, I am eternally grateful to be able to share all I know with you, and help you to change your bodies and lives forever.

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